Berlin-based journalist and photographer Klaus Martin Hoefer has been in the media for more than 30 years. Reporting für radio, newspaper, magazines, television and the web took him to places as different as South Africa, Kazakhstan, California, Southern France, Israel, Egypt, Poland, Siberia and the United Kingdom. Topics are as varied as his interests are. He's been covering science, health and education issues, local politics in rural Germany, reported on media activities of ethnic minorities in northern scandinavia, and on the tales of east European migrant workers, to name just a few.

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Klaus Martin Höfer. Fichtestraße 1a, 10967 Berlin / Brückenstraße 4, 57299 Burbach

phone +49 30 303 67 497

mobile +40 171 435 1395

email: CvD [at] job-journalistenbuero [dot] de

EU-Umsatzsteuer-ID DE 135559431
Steuer-Nr. 1436860210 / Finanzamt Berlin-Kreuzberg

Verantwortlich nach den Teledienstleistungs- und Mediengesetzen ist Klaus Martin Höfer.

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